Tel.  01480 350164

1hr Group Dog Walk, Mon - Fri


20% discount for every day walks

Group walks are between 12pm - 2pm and 2pm - 4pm

Group walks - great fun for dogs that love to mix and play with others.

All dogs get a full hour walk in the country, off the lead, when permitted.

Maximum 5 dogs per walk. I try to  keep collections in the same area so dogs are in the vehicle for the minimum amount of time.

They are all safely clipped into their own space in my 4x4, with plenty of room for three large dogs in the rear and two on the back seat. Whilst travelling and between stops windows are open adequately so fresh air can circulate. No travelling in the back of a van like some other dog walkers do, with no fresh air and no windows to see out of.

I carry water on board, and  it is offered to all dogs at the end of the walk.

To keep dogs travelling time to a minimum,  i only cover distances within 3 miles of PE198DS.

Before we commence walkies

To give you and your dog peace of mind, I will come out and visit you  both in your home, This way we can all become aquainted and you can tell me all about their likes and dislikes etc...This visit is free of charge.

I look forward to meeting both you and your pets...