For all dogs that will be mixing with others and/or travelling in my vehicle, I  Require your fleaing and worming programmes be up to date. I personally use Advocate every 4 weeks as it covers not only fleas, but mites and worms, In total  up to 15  parasites.


There is a big debate at the moment as to whether our dogs are being overly vaccinated and once they have had their initial course of vaccines, (which i do  require),  once yearly boosters are not necessary. So this is your choice, but I cannot be held responsible if your pet contracts any of the named diseases.


A registration  form and disclaimer will need to be filled in and signed before commencent.


All dogs  need to be microchipped and wear identitiy tags, I also require all customers to have their own  pet insurance as business pet insurance does not cover all  eventualities.


These terms will need to be agreed upon before my services are provided.


Walking of unneutered dogs to be arranged.




Thank you for your co-operation

Terms & Conditions

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